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Skin Tags And Milia

Skin Tags

These are a common fibroius skin condition, commonly associated with the ageing process, and most often found on the neck of the middle-aged and elderly.

The tags can be either single, or multiple, and consist of soft pedunculated loose fibrous tissue.

The colour may be unchanged, but there is often hyper-pigmentation, which makes them more obvious. The most common location is the sides of the neck, where they for a tear-drop formation.

The stalks of the tags can be treated successfully with diathermy coagulations by a skilful electrolygist, trained i minor cosmetic surgery, once medical approval has been granted.

Therapy treatment will be limited by the presence of skin tags, so avoid catching them and causing discomfort.

Milia (commonly known as Whiteheads)

Milia are formed when sebum becomes trapped in a blind duct, with no surface opening. The condition is most common on dry skin and usually occur around the eyes (orbicularis oculi muscle area and between brows).

Milia can form after injury, i.e., sunburn on the face or shoulders, and are sometimes widespread in their location. Recently formed milia can disappear spontaneously after a period of regular massage treatment, appearing to be re-absorbed by the body.

Well-established milia have to be pierced with a sterile probe, or by diathermy to create an opening to the surface and release the contents.

Milia appear as white, pearly, rounded lumps under the skin, or even raised above it, depending on their size.

When the skin is stretched, the milia becomes more obvious and white in colour. The delicate nature of their location, and the risk of infection, require an experienced approach to the removal to prevent discomfort. Strict attention must be given to personal and salon hygiene, and to after-care advice to the client.