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As time goes by, many 'Alternative Therapies' within the capabilities of Beauty Therapists reach a wider and more appreciative client base. Ten years ago, treatments such as Reflexology were practised by a handful of enlightened people, but are becoming widely understood and sought after. The Lillian Maund Training Centre now offers a unique Reflexology course.

Reflexology has it's roots in ancient civilisations, and many people believe that it was used in ancient Egypt, China, Africa, and even by native American Indians. Today's Beauty Therapists find it an invaluable and profitable addition to their treatment list, as it works so well with other stress-management treatments such as Aromatherapy and Massage.

Reflexology is a non-invasive method of treating many parts of the body. By manipulating the feet, the treatment corrects imbalances in the eight systems of the body. Skeletal, Muscular, Vascular, Neurological, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine and Genito-urinary, each which have 'reflex' zones in the foot. During the treatment, no oils or powders are used, and nothing is put into the body - all of which means that this is a very 'green treatment'.

The body is divided into zones and the whole foot from the toes to the heel reflect the body. As you work on the feet, it seems to trigger off a reaction going through the body and the person being treated can feel this.

For stressed clients like doctors, teachers and businessmen, reflexology is a very quiet and effective relaxation treatment, which links in well with other salon treatments.

Therapists, are not diagnosticians, so if a client says "I have a sore back in my lumbar region and I want you to cure it", you can't promise to do that. A lot of people's pain might be because of bad posture, or lack of sleep, or worry, and a general reflexology treatment helps the body clear itself of toxins, so they feel better.

Starting in 1996, regular five-day courses, leading to Lillian Maund certification are being conducted at Beech House. The course is planned to enable students not only to acquire the essential theory of Reflexology, but to develop the feeling, which is very important for a successful treatment.

As well as being open to full-time residential students, distance-learning materials are available for home study. Outside the classroom, students can study the video-tape, and work with the book opening it in front of them whilst practicsing, to develop sensitivity of feeling.

The training facilities are regularly used by students from as far afield as Japan and South Africa, and is world-renowned for its accommodation and quality of training. Reflexology is an especially easy treatment to learn for students, who have prior knowledge of the body's systems. This makes it ideal for trained beauty Therapists. The course is also suitable for enlightened nurses, doctors and physiotherapists, who understand the benefits of a homeopathic approach.