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Micro Pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation tuition is offered as a  post graduate courses for therapist already in posession of NVQ Level 3 Certification. For other applicants please contact the centre to discuss your training needs. All applications are considered on an individual basis.

What is Micro-Pigmentation?

Micro-pigmentation, permanent creation, semi permanent make up, cosmetic tattoo, different terms used for the same procedure, the placement of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This procedure can be used to enhance a clients features ie. eyeliner, lipliner, eyebrows, full lip colour, areola reconstruction, cleft lip/palette, scar camouflage and colour correction. The process involves implantation using a rotary pen machine, the effect of which is to leave shadows of colour.

Course Structure

Courses are structured so that as a technician you can progress through the levels of procedures as your experience and confidence grows. The Lillian Maund Training Centre has been training technicians since 1984, and has one of the highest reputations within this field. Your course tutor, Mrs Justine Shapiro, has been specialising in this field since 1990, and has lectured in Hong Kong, Thailand, Latvia, U.S.A and in the U.K. Justine has also received much media credibility appearing on national television, and in the national press.



Course Content

Your individual tailoured course can be discussed and a specific programme forwarded. Prices can be found under postgraduate course prices. For individual course please contact Justine directly.

What's Included?

Included within your course fee is a comprehensive kit, including two rotary pen machines, a selection of pigments and disposable goods, for at least twenty procedures.


It is advisable to ensure Insurance is available to all U.K. graduates prior to enrolment on the course. Applications are considered on an individual basis, and trainees are requested to contact the office prior to enrolment to ensure they meet the necessary criteria.

Assessment and tutorial days are available to graduates from other colleges who cannot obtain insurance.  Contact Justine for further details.

Benefits of Micro Pigmentation Treatments

The treatment is recommended for:

  • Busy women with little time to apply make up
  • People with allergies to conventional make up
  • Freedom and convenience from daily make up applications
  • Those restricted in applying make up. E.g. Clients that wear spectacles
  • Athletes and those with oily skin who tend to shed make up easily
  • Burn victims and those with flaws in their skin
  • Correcting asymmetry to facial features

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