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"I am Louise, I am the assistant manager of a skin clinic in Manchester, we work with lasers and Intense Pulse Light Systems working on vein removal, pigmentation and hair removal, we also work with different strengths of peels to help even out the skin surface.

I am writing to let you know that we have just employed two girls that trained at your centre, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been really impressed at the standard of the girls you have training with you, we have interviewed so many girls and none of them come close to the standard we have seen from your girls. I was wondering if you had any other girls looking for work that would like to work in the aesthetic industry?"

- Louise , July 2010


"I became  qualified in 1982! It was a fantastic experience that I have always been proud of"

- Jacquie, 8th July 2009


"Thanks for the last two years. Although it has been hard at times it was worth every minute. I have had the best training I could have asked for."

- Love From Stephanie


"It's been a great experience living here in England and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without you being there to help me."

- Student 2010


"Thankyou for a fantastic week. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt so much in a short amount of time. The girls have been very welcoming and supportive and have helped me to get the most out of this opportunity. Your willingness to open your centre for my work experience is really appreciated and has given me an insight into this career."

- Hannah


"Thank you for being a great teacher and sticking it through with me and all of us. I've treasured this experience."

- Leilani


"My sincere thanks for all the hard effort and work you place in our daughter I appreciate it so much."

- Anne


"Just to say thank you for everything. You made my dreams come true."

- Love, Christina


"Rebecca went to work at Champneys Henlow Grange. Now she supervisers the Babor Account - ordering products and staff training. Babor has taken her to Germany for training and has invited her to several Professional Beauty Shows in England to demonstrate their products and treatments - this she enjoyed immensly.

So far she's been in the Telegraph, several Beauty magazines, The Disney Channel and GMTV - where will she pop up next!

Thank you very much for all the support and encouragement you gave Rebecca - coupled with the NVQ Level 2."

- Thanks & Regards, Fiona.


"Every day I want to thank you for helping me get to where I am now and for everything you did for me over the past two years.

I came to my ship on the 23rd of January and I leave on the 22nd October this year. My ship is called  The Carnival Fascination and it leaves from Jacksonville Florida every five days and goes to destinations in the Bahamas and Florida Keys.

I absolutely love it and everything I learnt and that you have taught me keeps popping up in my mind and I really appreciate the standards that you have taught me there, so thank you so much!

I really miss it there and all the girls."

- Jodie, 26 April 2009


"I have to say it was the best training I have ever had in my life. I learned so much and have not forgotten any of it."

- Julia, May 2009


"How are you? I am good and enjoying my work here in the new salon. I am missing you all a lot."

- Pooja(India) , May 2009


"I absolutely love my new job and I couldn't be happier. I want to say thank you again for believing in me and working with me for the 18 months I was with you. I can't explain in words how thankful I truly am.

I thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence in myself to help me succeed."

- Love from Sophie, May 2009.


"Thanks for making e the person I am today. Without you I would never have made it. I'll make you so proud."

- Lots of love, Graduate, 2010.


"I am really enjoying myself working at the Beetham Tower Hilton in Manchester. I have learnt a lot about myself from your beauty training.

Whilst a lot of exciting things have happened this past year the one that will really interest you is my promotion to Senior Therapist. I am really enjoying the extra responsibility of this role and I feel the high standard of training which you have given me enables me to carry it out successfully.

I am alot more confident. This has really helped as I find it difficult when my  roll requires me to tell people what to do and how we can improve. Once I would not have welcomed the idea but now it seems to have become part of the job.

I have been lucky enough to work on a few famous faces which is always a highlight of a working day."

- Love from Zara, December 2010.


"Thanking you again for all your constant care and attention with our daughter. We are really so pleased she chose "Lillian Maund". Her experience with you the last two years has changed her life for the better and forever."

- Parents, 2010